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Erika Andersen sent me a signed copy of her book

Erika Andersen, author of Growing Great Employees, which is in 37th position on my list, stumbled upon my project and liked it very much to the point that she sent me a signed copy of her book by express mail, with her encouragement!

Growing Great Employees

 Autograph by Erika Andersen

Thank you Erica, I appreciate your gesture and your support very much! 😉

What’s more, Phil of Slacker Manager wrote an article about my project which has already led to hundreds of visitors. Thank you Phil!

Recently I have had enouragement from those close to me, my friends, my colleagues, my clients and internet users and I must thank all of you from the bottom of my heart, this gives me a lot of energy to keep it up!

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  1. Glad to help offer you a little encouragement! Your challenge is certainly an encouragement to me!

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