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Olivier Roland, l'auteur de ce site

My name is Olivier Roland and for my day job I manage an information services company that I started when I was 19. I have two active French blogs, TechnoSmart, in which I keep my visitors up to date about great technology tools and I tell them the best ways to use them to save time on a daily basis, and “Habitudes Zen” which offers French translations of the best articles from the famous blog Zen Habits, about productivity and simplicity.

I am also a science fiction writer in my spare time. One of my short stories appeared in the collection “Nouvelles du futur : le pire est à venir” published by Harmattan in 2006. Order it.

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  1. donna says:

    Salute Mr.Olivier,
    Really nice blog and very helpful effort from you:) I just wanted to say thanks . Wish you more and more success

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